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Noodle Nights

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Husband and I usually have what we I would like to call Noodle Nights. Noodle nights happen when we have nothing to eat on the cupboard or there are too many tomatoes waiting to rot. It  is pretty much like the usual reasons we have for cooking. There was one time noodle nights happened, we had spiral pasta with fresh tomatoes and spicy tuna. The tuna was unapologetically hot we had to put lots of japanese breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese to tone it down. Nevertheless, Husband said it was the best pasta he’s ever had. He says that a lot about my cooking, the last was about the brown pancakes. My goal, and I’m enjoining Husband in this, is to cook restaurant and hotel food at home with the cheapest cost.

To date we’ve tried about twenty incarnations of pasta sauce which resulted to us consuming more than the adult recommended daily allowance of carbohydrates. Thus, our recent dedication to body fitness.

These are some of the pasta that starred in the Noodle Nights: creamy pesto, meat and fresh tomato penne, tomato and olive oil pasta, baked tuna macaroni,    spinach fettuccine and dory alfredo and sesame and nut pasta.

I don’t have recipes for these so I might never be able to cook them the same way ever again.

Little Brown Pancakes

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I’ve cooked and baked a lot of things, half of it I got the recipe from my Mother and her cookbooks, half of it I just made up myself. I learned the art of concocting my own recipes from my Mother who told me that she doesn’t always follow what’s on the book. The important thing is you understand the basic principles in the kitchen so when you make things up, it’s a well-informed invention. Despite that I’ve only stuck to making my own sauces and I’ve done many kinds for different uses. I’ve never tried making classic stuff like pancakes from recipes off the top of my head. I’ve always called for Mommy’s help whenever I want to cook something that’s uncomplicated.

So on the day I originally wrote this post, I made brown pancakes for brunch and to my surprise, they came out fine! I successfully made them fluffy and heavenly without asking Mommy. I also made my own sugar syrup with 1 part water and 1 part brown sugar, it wasn’t syrupy but it was sweet alright and was good with butter. Most importantly, Husband, my best fan, loved it!

Sweet Chocolate Misery

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Over the weekend, again, we did some baking. As mentioned earlier, I still have some chocolate blocks and candies that are soon to expire and I’m in a bit of a rush to save them from rotting.

As usual, I made chocolate cake using my mother’s trusted recipe. To be honest, this recipe yields the best moist chocolate cake I’ve ever tasted. I don’t know where she got it, but its good. Though I also have to admit that I’m getting bored with this chocolate cake. I hope to find the courage soon to make chiffon cakes; but I’m just too intimidated by the egg whites.

The highlight of this activity is not the cake, but the chocolate cream I made!

I actually made my own chocolate cream by throwing all the chocolates I can find in the shelves and let them melt altogether. I gave it a bit of kick with buttermilk and coffee.

I got the consistency of a perfect cream; it’s glossy, thick and creamy.

I kept reminding myself not to stir while it’s simmering so as not to incorporate air into the cream and make it really tough to deal with. I got that pro-tip from my mother who also got it from a real pro. Hee.

To my surprise, I found out that the chocolate candies I bought from Divisoria are in fact candied sunflower seeds. That gave my cake an unexpected twist and made it better for mature eaters haha!

I would have loved to give some to my coworkers in the office but we don’t have a refrigerator so we had to eat everything in a day. Oh sweet misery indeed!

Cupboard Pasta

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Out of necessity and hunger, we accidentally ended up eating homemade asian pasta tonight. Before anything else, I’d like to point out that our cupboard is almost empty. It has been almost a week since we stopped our supermarket sprees because we both have been busy with work. I didn’t realize until I came home tonight that the kitchen supplies must be replenished.

Anyway, we were contemplating between sleeping on an empty stomach and buying canned food. Sleeping sounded much more enticing than eating impractical and tasteless canned food, besides, we had run out of onions.

I was still not sold on sleeping without eating so I proposed to make eggless pancakes. Husband wasn’t quite amused because we don’t have maple syrup, though I did say I can make sugar syrup too.

Then I spotted a small pack of uncooked spaghetti!

Pesto sounded good, besides we still have some olive oil, parmesan and basil. But we also have packets of Happy Peanuts! And he did bring home an opened bottle of sesame oil.

And so with some Happy Peanuts, sesame oil, garlic, spices and pasta, we happily consumed some nifty asian pasta!

In the process, we decided to take our grocery list seriously. This time we’re lucky to have key ingredients in stock, like I always say, one should have butter, flour, spices, garlic and cheese and never go hungry.

A Sorry Dory

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Today, Husband and I made dory fillet and peas with lemon cream and marble potatoes. This time, we didn’t plan to cook the meal to save food from rotting; I was simply bragging to husband that I will make the best dinner ever.

Everything about this meal was an afterthought. We were hungry after work and kind of disinterested to eat fast food (me at least), I suggested we pick something from Landmark grocery. But we were minutes away from closing time so I had to rack my brain for recipes while walking real fast and shutting out hunger. I picked a small frozen dory fillet, cream and frozen carrots and peas. I’d have preferred only peas but I didn’t want to bore him with greens.


I was too excited and immediately started when we got home by rubbing rock salt and spices on the fish. I like rock salt just like the way I like brown sugar.
Anyway, I cooked everything in olive oil and I just love how the lemon cream turned out! I made my own version of sour cream, yipee!

We decided to throw in the marble potatoes at the last-minute because Husband forgot to cook rice and there wasn’t enough carbs for him to consume.

Everything turned out great except for the fish which should have been the main attraction. I didn’t realize that dory is not the same as the native fish that needs salting before frying.

The dory was so salty it was awful! I was so embarrassed I had the zoned out one-thousand yard stare, Husband said. I was planning to give some to my brothers but it was really too salty I wanted to cry. Maybe I’ll try again next week and lay-off the salt. Nevertheless, that was some homemade hotel food for under PHP150.

Baking Bread

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Over the weekend I taught my husband how to make bread, the point was not to make him bake his own bread but to enjoin him in the process of making and eating our own food. Since we still don’t have a refrigerator and it’s not very engaging to go up and down ten flights of stairs, we’re forced to eat canned foods and consume whatever instant and processed food we have. I have actually perfected cooking corned beef with any kind of vegetable just to have some sort of healthy food in it.

So, we made white pizza on focaccia. The first time I made white pizza I don’t recall using canned mushroom soup, however, I forgot how I made it. I probably used cheeses and yogurt and asparagus broth? No, I really don’t remember, so this time I used mushroom soup, milk and plenty cheeses.

I used dried up local cheese to get more tartness in it. The thing is, I had to used the dried up cheese because I don’t want to throw it away. Sometimes really, I cook something up so that I can use food that must be discarded because they’ve been forgotten.

Anyway, Husband obligingly kneaded the pizza dough! Oh what relief! Next time, I’m going to teach him how to make his favorite chocolate cakes. That is because I have blocks of chocolates I need to use before they get all moldy and stuff. Two weeks ago I grudgingly threw away 2 mini-blocks of chocolates because they turned smelly.

A Treasure Trove of Inherited Utensils

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The other day, I finally found the courage and diligence to rummage through my spoil of kitchen utensils. These were prematurely bequeathed unto me by my mother in her hopes to propel my kitchen stardom. Ha-ha!

I avoided the task of organizing my kitchen stuff because they are too many, too dusty and I feared I’d find cockroaches in there.

And so I did proceed with the task of organizing my stuff and here’s what I got:

1 silicon bundt pan

1 non-stick bundt

meat processor appendage to the Kenwood mixer

Spritz cookie press

donut press

5 cookie sheets

4 rectangle pans

2 round spring-form pans

1 round pan

1 wooden spoon

1 mini rolling-pin

10 spatulas

4 stainless mixing bowls

2 plastic mixing bowls

1 set of measuring cups

2 beaked measuring cups

1 metal thread cake slicer

assorted frosting tips

1 black & decker handheld mixer

1 manual wire whisk

1 set of cookie cutter

1 pastry mould

meat injection

ice cream maker

candy thermometer

weighing scale

bread board

pyrex stuff

muffin moulds

unbelievable quantity of muffin liners

There’s more to come. Geez, you wouldn’t believe my mother. She still has faith that I would use everything in the future, or that I will even have time to try using it at least once.